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Thursday, December 31, 2009

its new year!!

happy new year!!
let me start my first entry by wishing you all,the very happy new year 2010.
just not realize how fast the time fly rite??so,what is your 'azam' for this 2010?
mine is just to be better than i had been before(before ni memang baik,dah baik gila dah..tapi nak jadi baik gila gila gila ^_^)..to be better daughter,better friend and of course, the better person.

there are lot of memory that will remains in my heart(as well as my mind).
buka puasa dengan someone.well,its not a date but i will remember the moment forever.(moment nie memang paling akan dikenang.rindu kot!*teringat*)the breakup.yes,im single right now!!but not that available.hehe(harus ingat ok!time tgh study kat library,tiba-tiba ajak Nenek Busyok pergi Jusco untuk break up..eh,bukan break up dengan Nenek Busyok lah..dia tolong teman jer..ish!)shortsem with friends.live like a big family.always together.masak-masak,bising-bising.so happening and really miss it!!(lepas tu buat jahat tampal notes khas kepada pengurus hostel sebab tak bagi bilik sampai habis shortsem..haha)
my biggest mistake for 2009.to him,i am really truly sorry(ikhlas dari hati ni mintak maaf~sila maafkan).you must know that i didn't mean to hurt you and i will always remember the memory and all you have done for me.haunted by my own mistake(padan muka ko Fazirah!siapa suruh sakitkan hati orang macam tu?)huhu
join insep and knowing new friends.such a good experience.and one more thing, i pass the exam!!yea!!(show of!show of!)

get free movie tickets.thanks to asfia.movie new moon at midvalley.and many more..(if nak story semua,memang sampai pagi pun tak habis.lotih dah tangan den ni monaip~kan dah terkeluar loghat NS..haha)

this 2010,im no longer a student at utm.(so rindu-rinduan kepada campus life and orang-orangnya -_-)
i just graduated on august 2009,so i have to start planning about career and it will begin with an internship for 6 month with colgate-palmolive(hopefully dapat jadi permanent worker after finishing my internship).hope for more success and blissful life.(amin)this is from the best friend of mine
:remember,life is short..break the rules, forgive and forget quickly,love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile..
it sound like me rite??haha(it sound like you too nenek)


ms.RinaFreaks said...

selamat tahun baru macek!

just like the text i sent to u,
never regret anything that make u smile.

live with ur face held high and be sure that you'd done ur best :)

it does sound like the two of us x_X

faz d'princess said...

im not regretting the thing that made me smile..juz regret 4 wut i had done 2 him..huhu

yup2..its really does sound like both of us rite??luv it..hehe