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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Must Read!! Important!!

All of you must read this!!This is very important,because by read this entry you may help to return one year old daughter to her mother and family.Ok,mesti korang tertanya-tanyakan kenapa pula dengan aku ni?? Actually,this is not about me or my family. This is about my friend, Faridah Hanim Shamsudin and her family. Faridah Hanim is my former classmate at SMKTM. She and her family is now in difficulty when her niece (her sister's daughter) has been kidnapped by her own father. So,to anyone who have the information or anything which can help them, do give your help.

Please do contact the number if you see the car (Mitsubishi Lancer,WPJ 4040) or the guy in the picture.

Number to contact:
(Farah,Daanya's mother)

p/s:hope the cute Daanya will reunite with her mother and family soon.amin.


PuTeH (",) said...

papa jahat tol die nyer dad 2....kalu ak jumpe..ak cincang2 bapak die ae...hehehe

ms.fit0Freaks said...

ish skg ni ade je kes cmni!!
meh sini aku seligi bapak die

faz d'princess said...

hah,per lg..kan aku dah letak pic,ciap no plat kete lg.so,kalo jmpa wat la pape yg patot.hehe

PuTeH (",) said...

orite no hal kalo bab nak hentak2 org nie....hehe