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Monday, February 15, 2010

wisdom teeth

Today I want to talk about Wisdom Teeth or in Malay is known as Gigi Bongsu.
Why did I choose this topic for this entry?this is because, I am currently suffering (x la suffer sangat sebab sakit sikit jer) of tooth ache because of my wisdom teeth is coming out. So,to my new wisdom teeth, welcome to the world!haha

For those who doesn't know what is the wisdom teeth actually, here is some info of wisdom teeth (some are from www.webmd.com).

What is wisdom teeth?
Wisdom teeth is are the third and final set of molars that most people get in their late teens or early twenties (normally 19-24 years old).

Normally, this wisdom teeth is not causing any pain if the teeth is health and properly aligned. This wisdom teeth will causes pain if the teeth is misaligned, entrapped in the gum/soft tissue or grow horizontally towards neighbor teeth. All of this can crowd or damage adjacent teeth, the jawbone, or nerves.

If you facing this problem and go to see the dentist, dentist will suggest you to do an extraction of the wisdom teeth. The dentist will X-Ray your teeth and will refer you to oral surgeon to decides how to remove the teeth. This teeth extraction is done to avoid more problems and pain.

I've read many blogs and web page about the problem, and many of them who have experienced this said that the removing wisdom teeth is not same as removing normal teeth because it will involves minor surgery and have to be done at the hospital(takutnya, hope gigi aku ni ok!huhu).

p/s:berdoa semoga gigi aku ni tumbuh dengan sihat dan tak ada masalah.amin


Nabiel said...

fazirah..klu bru nk tmbuh xpe..tp
klu dh tmbuh..pastu kua nye cket jek..beware!pastu de lubang..ag laa..
bttr g chek~klu ade rse denyut2 or bler mkn ke mnum rse nyilu tuh~
bttr g chek..or else kne cabut gak cm i pnye!huhu

FazirahHanem said...

owho..takut nak check..
kena surgery semua..sungguh menakutkan!