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Sunday, April 18, 2010

When in Rome

I supposed to go to Gatsby Street Fair on saturday(April 17,2010), but because of a friend who does not want to join the games so we decided to watch a movie.Well, I am a 'kipas susah mati'(pinjam ayat nek busyok!!^_^) of comedy romantic movie, so of course I will choose When In Rome if you ask me to choose(Sorry Megat sebab terpaksa ikut pilihan aku..siapa suruh minta aku pilih kan?hahahaha). But, it worth to watch the movie because the movie is damn funny and you will laugh until the end of the movie(seyes asyik gelak jer sampai rasa lapar and keluar jer from hall terus pergi makan dengan super banyak..Megatron la yang makan banyak,aku tak..hehe..) .Though, at first I am feeling like I had made a wrong choice because the hall is so empty!

The story of is predictable and simple (if you expecting something heavy or intelligent,choose another movie!),but it is very funny and suitable for those who's expecting sweet and comedy movie(sweet lah kan bila ada lelaki kejar ko sampai terlanggar tiang than masuk lubang??).

The movie is about Beth (Kristen Beil), hard working career woman who thought that there will be no love for her because everytimes she's fallen in love, she will be hurted(kesiankan?).
But, something seems to be changed when she went to Rome to attend her baby sister wedding, meeting someone and done something which not supposedly and(moral of the story:dont take anything that not belong to you!..tak pasal-pasal kena kejar dengan orang pelik)..you can guess the ending!(wont tell here,go to watch the movie..haha) enjoy!!

When In Rome Info
Mark Steven Johnson

David Diamond
David Weissman

~Cast~(part of)
Kristen Bell (Beth)
Josh Duhamel (Nick)
Anjelica Huston (Celeste)
Alexis Dziena (Joan, Beth's Baby sister)
Will Arnett (Antonio)
John Heder (Lance)
Dax Shepard (Gale)
Kate Micucci (Stacy)
Luca Calvani (Umberto)

~Josh Duhamel and Kristen Bell~

~Alexis Dziena, Kristen Bell and Kate Micucci~

p/s:pic masa Gatsby Street Fair ada kat dalam camera yang tak boleh on sebab tak ada bateri..malas nak cas(pemalas tahap gajah~sebab suka gajah masa kecik dulu..>_<)

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