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Thursday, September 26, 2013

~My baby not feeling well

My little princess is currently having quite bad coughing. Her cough become worse at night until early morning. Doctor said it is because weather during that time is cooler than day time. I started to notice that Sarah is having cough on Sunday and told my husband. He said we will bring Sarah to see doctor on Monday night if she still having bad cough. On Monday night, we went to Al- Islam Medical Center to see a doctor. The doctor said Sarah lung have no problem and she just having normal cough. No medication needed as she is under one year old. Just give her to drink milk to make her throat comfortable. Next day, we decided not to send Sarah to her nursery so that I can fed her whole day as she drink her milk to little at nursery. Unfortunately, her cough became worse and we decided to bring her to hospital again. But this time to see pediatrician specialist. We went to hospital on Wednesday afternoon, after lunch. After checking, we had been informed that Sarah is having acute Bronchistis.Sarah had to take gas with nebulizer. Sarah was crying all the time while taking the gas. Pity my baby :(
After taking that gas, Sarah cough become better and I believe she is recovering. But one thing that make me relieve is, Sarah is still active as normal no matter how bad her cough ^_^.

P/S: Pic Sarah after crying while taking nebulizer.

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