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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Baskin Robbins Pink Day

Good news for all Baskin Robbins fans outside, now you can eat more ice cream as there are a promotion that enable us to get double jr. scoop at single reg. scoop price. love it!love it!
This promotion is called Wednesday is BR Pink Day.

When is the promotion?
3rd March 2010 - 30th April 2010

What you can have??
Double Jr. Scoops at the price of a Single Reg. Scoop

How Much to pay??

RM 7.50+ to get 2 scoop of your favorite flavors

Anything that I can add/change??

change sugar cone/cup to a Waffle Cone with only RM 1.50+

What should I do??
Show up with something pink to Baskin Robbins.. for example;you can wear pink dress,pants, shoes or shirt(for guys,may try pink tie), buy new pink wallet/handbags and bring it to BR(kalau rasa membazir,boleh pinjam..owh,forgot to mention..just get new pink wallet for myself ^_^), use more pink to your face such as pink blusher, pink eye shadow and pink lipstick etc

~my new pink wallet~
saje nak show off dengan korang!!haha

p/s: kalau nak color rambut to pink pun ok, memang terserlah kesungguhan..haha

Cantik apa rambut color pink! :P


ms.fit0Freaks said...

pink?? euuww~

FazirahHanem said...

ala,demi one extra scoop of ice cream..ok la tu..haha